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To help you be “younger than last year,” we’ve designed all of our classes and advice around seven areas of focus. We call these areas our SEVEN FOUNDATIONS. 


Having a youthful or “growth” mindset is key. This requires that you reframe failures and frustrations as moments of learning. This way of thinking is how we all used to think when we were younger: that almost anything is possible and growth is just a matter of focused effort.

Mindset is the most important foundation because it affects everything else. With the wrong mindset, you can experience short-term gains that fall away after you face a setback. But with a positive “growth” mindset, you can experience long-term success with a focus on continual improvement.


As we age and experience more stress, most of us take shallow breaths and breathe with our chest instead of through our diaphragm. Diaphragmatic breathing is how babies breathe. It’s natural, deep breathing that relieves stress and has all kinds of positive effects. At Younger Than Last Year, we teach you how to breathe again, as you once did, when you were younger.


The right type of food and fluids are essential for a younger, healthier lifestyle. But you knew that already, didn’t you? The tough part is identifying what the “right” foods are, slowly incorporating them into your diet, keeping everything flavorful and fun, until pretty soon, you start to prefer this new way of fueling your body over the bad habits that you’ve acquired through the years.


As you age, you move your joints less and become stiff. At Younger Than Last Year, we believe in moving more often, in different ways, to “oil up” your joints, allowing you to feel limber and agile, just like when you were young.


In our strength training, not only do we believe in keeping the muscles on your arms, legs, torso working well, but we also believe in increasing your cardiovascular strength, and making sure that your tendons and ligaments are strong to help with your mobility.

To be younger than last year, you need to let your body rest. The better you sleep, the more your body can regenerate itself, build muscles, and positively affect your memory, judgment, and mood.



We all need some play in our lives. Some kind of hobby, side project, or interest that we pursue for hours and hours, making us lose track of time. Something that makes us feel engaged, challenged and brings us joy. This reduces stress and can impact our mental health.

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