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Date of the Challenge:

Saturday, March 20, 2021



12 Noon EST



Almost anywhere because it’s virtual


This Year’s Theme: 

The world is your gym


What it is: 

The Birthday Challenge is a physical and mental self-test of your stamina, strength, hearts/lungs, flexibility, coordination, breathing, and awareness. Why? Because all the above work together, and testing each area is one indicator of how you are aging.


This year, there are 2 options:

1) You can do Robert's challenge exercises and do them live and virtually

2) You can design your your own challenge exercises and do them live and virtually

You may have different goals that you want to focus on, so click the button above or below, sign up for the "Free Birthday Challenge Assessment," and Robert can help you come up with your own personal challenge.

How it Works:


 Every challenge is required to have a time goal. You must set a time and finish under your set time.


  • Every challenge must last at least 25 minutes

  • Every participant needs to begin preparation for the challenge by Feb. 10

  • Every participant must have a Zoom account to be part of the live challenge

  • Every participant must leave their camera on during the day of the challenge so they can be seen doing all the movements and exercises

  • At least 80% of the exercises need to be bodyweight style. Weights and other external resistance equipment is to be minimized

  • Most of the exercises and movements must be either in a home or outside. If you have a gym in your basement, that’s ok, too!


More Details on the Event: 

 So you want to challenge yourself on Robert’s birthday? Great! To get an idea of what a challenge can look like, you can watch past videos here on the site, BUT things have changed for this year because again: you and Robert can get together and construct your own challenge. Below you will find the challenge Robert will be doing this year and a few other examples, but of course, these only scratch the surface.


              A challenge should have a purpose. What is it you want to discover about yourself? In Robert’s case, he wants to do exclusive whole-body exercises which will challenge his right knee to see how well it has healed since injuring it 8 months prior. Also, considering the times we are living in, Robert wants to show that you can exercise in many ways and almost anywhere. So, the first half will be in his home, and the second around the corner outside his fitness studio. You getting fired up yet?

Robert’s Challenge Exercises

(in video form and also written below) 

 Part 1 (in his house)

Warm-up exercises (done for 21 repetitions each except for Jump rope, hanging, and skydiver):   

Reaching cross crawl x 21

Infinity circles x 21 each direction

Bird dog x 10/11

Hanging x 30 sec

Skydiver x 30 sec

Jump Rope x 300 jumps

Wave squat x 21


       Upper and lower body strength/endurance


 Deck squats x 20

 Dive through x 21

 Deck squat x 20

 Elevated roll x 21

 Deck Squat x 21

 Flying Scandasana x 21/21

 Bicycle x 21


              Rundown 5 flights of stairs to outside. Run around the corner moving to the final part of the challenge.



             Animals and exercises (60 second for each movement/exercise and 20 seconds rest between exercises)

Bear Crawl

Crab Walk

Duck Walk

Sloth with row up

Leopard crawl

Gorilla walk

Up from floor and sprint

One time special




Other examples (consult with Robert about any of these options or for your own customized challenge):

  300 challenge

  Pyramid challenge

  Treadmill/exercise circuit

  Warm-up/crawl/mountain challenge

  Fast walking

  Mobility circuit


  And many more!

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