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Saturday, March 21, 2020





YTLY Fitness Studio

227 Waverly Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205


This Year’s Theme: 

The 300 Challenge 


What it is: 

A 300 repetition series of exercises put together by Steve Maxwell that challenges strength, muscular and cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, coordination, mental focus, and agility.


How it Works: 

Participants do 300 total exercise reps broken down into 5 groups of exercises; 60 reps for each group (in honor of Robert’s 60 years on this earth)

All the exercises are full-body, bodyweight exercises. 

The challenge must be completed in 40 minutes or less

Each participant will be paired with their own coach

The coach will keep time, count repetitions (and assign no counts for poorly done reps), fetch water and encourage, cajole, and help their “athlete” get to the finish in time

Penalty for not finishing in 40 minutes is 300 seconds in the ice tub (or something else TBD!)


The Qualifiers: 

The challenge is quite difficult, so to take part each participant must meet 3 requirements we call “qualifiers.” These must be either witnessed live in the YTLY studio or sent by video. Qualifier #1 and #2 must be completed by February 15, 2020. Qualifier #3 must be completed by March 1, 2020. 

You MUST complete these 3 requirements to be a challenge participant, and if attending classes, you must work at your own individual level in preparation for challenge day:


Due February 15, 2020 – Hang from a bar or rings for 40 seconds or more. Feet can lightly touch the ground if needed but trying not to let them touch if at all possible.


Due February 15, 2020 – Hold your breath for 45 seconds (without great effort) or longer.



Due March 1, 2020 – One of the below exercises must be done for 10 minutes with only ONE rest period (not to last more than 60 seconds). This is to help prepare each participant for the challenge. The Leopard Crawl or Spider Man Crawl is probably the best way to prepare, but if that is not doable in the time allowed, any of the others will do. The movements must be done smoothly and in full range of motion. 

Leopard Crawl

Spider Man Crawl

Stand up to Base

Marching at 120 BPM or faster

Jump Rope

Elevated Rock 

Battling Ropes

Rocking Squat


More Details on the Event: 

The 300 works like this: There are 10 exercises paired together in 5 groups. Each exercise must be done for 30 QUALITY reps, alternating with the other paired exercise, which must match the same number just done on the first exercise. 

The participant works through the pair of exercises at their own ability, and once the first pair is completed, the participant then moves on to the next pair.


For example: The first pair pull ups/push ups might go like this: Start with 6 pull ups, then do 6 push ups. Next maybe do 4 pull ups, then 4 push ups. Maybe if tired and flagging, you can even do one pull up and one push up at time, until you complete all the reps. The point is the participant continues to work back and forth through the pair until they complete 30 reps for each exercise. The exercises are listed in 3 levels. However, level one is mostly just used for training to prepare for the challenge. Although, if the participant tires too much during the challenge, they are allowed to move down to a lower level of the exercise to complete their reps.


Group #1A:  

Level 1 – Feet on the ground pull up

Level 2 – Jump chin or chin ups 

Level 3 – Pull ups


Group #1B:

 Level 1 – Push up (on wall, shins, hands on a chair or feet/hands)

 Level 2 – Side to side push up

 Level 3 –Twisting push up

 Group #2A: 

Level 1 – Deck squat with elevation

Level 2 – Deck squat progressing to plough on floor

Level 3 – Single leg deck squat

Group #2B: 

Level 1  90 degree crunch

Level 2  Sit up

Level 3  V up


 Group #3A:  

Level 1  Reverse push up high angle or lower angle with bent knees

Level 2  Reverse push up medium angle plank style

Level 3  Reverse push up low angle plank style


 Group #3B: 

Level 1 – Down dog to shins to dive thru to down dog

Level 2  Knees off the ground to dive thru to down dog

Level 3  Knees off the ground to dive thru to reverse dive thru to down dog


  Group #4A:  

Level 1  Sumo squat

Level 2  Supported cossack

Level 3  Archer squat


 Group #4B: 

Level 1  90 degree twisting crunch

Level 2  Bicycle 

Level 3  Scissors


Group #5A:  

Level 1   Sprinter lunge hands elevated

Level 2   Sprinter lunge hands on floor

Level 3  Split jump


Group #5B:

Level 1 – Squat thrust

Level 2  6-count burpee



That’s it! Have plenty of water and congratulate the other participants, and then in the quiet of your own home, yell scream and jump up and down in celebration.



ICE TUB! If you don’t finish the 300 reps in 40 minutes, you have to sit in a tub filled water and ice for 300 seconds.

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